Summary - a really good friend

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One day Steve to meet his friend Ted in the . Before he left he put on his jacket with a lot of . His mum didn’t like the but he it was cool.
When he went out of the he met his sister Sarah who was some . The little girl asked him a lot of because she saw him buy . Then she her with him.
When he at the park he met Ted and they sat down on a . While they were a Ted told him that he had a fight with three . Of he won the .
Then he had an “” idea - he to at cars. They hit a man in an open and so his jacket was full of . The man jumped out and : “WHO WAS THAT?”.
Ted Steve for what . The man wanted Steve to lick the jacket and then he him on the ground and him a couple of until the boy’s nose was .
Later Steve asked Ted why he didn’t help him and he said: “ the man had a !”. Of course he didn’t tell the .
Steve was and sad after the . At home his mum asked him why he had a dirty jacket and why he was .
He answered that he fell down on the . Steve also told her that he didn’t like the any longer.