Present Perfect II

Fill in the correct form of the verb!

I've here for six years. (work)
I've her for three months. (live)
I've in this factory since 1970. (work)
He's abroad for five years. (be)
I've French for twelve years. (study)
I've her since 1982. (know)
I've here since I was a child. (live)
We've in Paris since we were married. (be)
I've them for years. (know)
We've for months. (practise)
I've German for six years, but then I stopped. (study)
She has for me since she left school. (work)
I have in the restaurant for six months, but then it closed. (work)
I've here since I was a little girl. (live)
He has in prison for three years. (be)
I haven't him for several years, and then I met him again last week. (see)
We've in Vienna since 1950. (be)
I've here for seven years, but it's time to leave now. (work)
I've in London since 1983. (live)