Present Perfect III

Fill in the correct form of the verb!

I thinking about this for a very long time. (be)
They the exercise yet. (finish)
My friend Lara me a lot of support. (give)
Look at them. They all night long. (dance)
David and Anna each other for years. (know)
I a teacher for eight years. (be)
I all the questions. (answer)
She her mother for a long time. (not see)
How long she for us? (wait)
We each other for a long time. (not know)
you the type of coat you wanted? (find)
You in the sun for too long. (sit)
They to India twice since they got married. (go)
Your clothes smell bad. you ? (smoke)
Michael Phelps for three hours. (swim)
you ever to a rock concert? (go)
the baby pasta? (eat)
We out on a date yet. (go)
My sisters to her boyfriend since they broke up. (speak)
I alcohol in my life. (drink)
This exercise very easy. (be)