Reported Speech III

Gap-fill exercise

“I was in London last week”, she says.
She told me that she in London the week .

“I am tired”, he says.
He said that he tired.

“They will visit us next weekend”, he says.
He said that they us the weekend.

“ Carol is a smart girl”, he says.
He said that Carol a smart girl.

“John has lost his bicycle”, she says.
She said that John his bicycle.

“I go to Cardiff by train”, he said.
He said that he to Cardiff by train.

“He is feeling better today”, his mother said.
His mother said that he better day.

“We’ll go fishing next weekend”, they said.
They said that they fishing the weekend.

“I visited James last Saturday”, Carol explained.
Carol explained that she James the Saturday .

“He has just decided to travel to Spain next year”, she said.
She said that he just to travel to Spain the year.

“I like this dress”, she said.
She said that she dress.

“We can’t go. We are studying now”, they explained.
They explained that they . They then.

“I’ll do it for her”, he told me.
He told me that he it for her.