Anna's job interview

I: Anna, you are working as an au pair at the moment, aren't you?
A: Yes, I am and I really love my job. From eight in the morning till five in the afternoon I look after Liam and Miachel, they're four-year-old twins. I was really surprised to get the job because of what happened on my first day in Dublin...
I: What went wrong? Tell me.
A: Well, I (have) a job interview with the Morgans, first thing in the morning at nine. I (stay) at a small hotel which is quite a long way from the Morgan's flat.
So I (decide) to go by bus and LUAS.
I: LUAS.. what's that?
A: It's a new tram system in Dublin: I think it's OK, but there are only two lines. Anyway, while I (wait) at the bus stop in the morning, the crowd (slowy, get) bigger and bigger.
I (ask) a man why the bus (run) late and he (tell) me that this (happen) all the time. I (try) to phone the family but nobody (answer) the phone. When I finally (arrive) at the Morgan's place, it (be) ten o'clock. Mrs Morgan (already, wait) for me. I thought that I would never get this job. But everything was fine in the end and she told me that she had been late for her first job interview as well. If there's one thing I really hate about Dublin, it's the public transport. It takes a long time and isn't realiable at all.