one / ones II

Complete with one / ones.

© Anna Öggl
I don’t know which skirt I liked most, the yellow or the blue .

I’d like to have some apples. I’d like to have the red , please!

There are 5 building blocks on the table. Four pink and one yellow .

I’d like to try on this suit. Which ? The black . I don’t like the colour of the other .

Marcus has got many sweaters but he simply wears the blue because it’s his favourite.

Give me the peppers, please! There are 3 different . The green , the yellow or the red .

Have you already read your book? Which ? The you have to read until Friday. No, but I’ve read “Oliver Twist” and “Twisted”, the I have to finish until next week.

I’ve got some great new CDs. I’ve already listened to the (eine!!) on my bedside table, but I haven’t listened to the (mehrere!) next to the CD-player.

Can you see the cars over there? The old red is mine, and the new white belongs to my boss.

Look at those trousers, I really like them. Which are you talking about? The blue or the black .

Where are my sweets? Uuups, are you talking about the on the table? I’m sorry, I ate them.

Susie, I think you left your workbooks on the kitchen table. No, these are the of Jimmy.