Possessive Pronouns

Complete with the correct pronoun.

© Anna Öggl
my -
you -
his -
her -
its -
our -
their -

My das is a writer. The computer is .
This is Sally's car. It isn't so I can't drive it.
Ann has three cats. names are Spot, Ink and Blue. The milk is .
Sheri is teacher and the classroom is , too.
Is this Billy's pen? No, it's ! Thanks for finding it.
That is Mr. and Mrs. Smith's house. The Ferrari is also .
That new Iphone is . It's birthday present from mum.
Is this Ipad Susan's? Yes, it is . She was looking for it.
Hi Jill, is this dictionary ?
Those cakes are . We bought them for lunch.
Don't play with that ball or John will cry. It's favourite toy.
They are twins and the bikes are .
Have you seen Sue? I think this bag is .
Give Joe and Mike those books, will you? They are .