Possessive Pronouns

Complete with the correct pronoun.

© Anna Öggl
Shirley and brothers, Richard and Tim are good students.
Mrs Green, how old is daughter? - daughter is 26.
Mark and sister are studying their lessons.
I've got twin sisters. names are Ann and Sue.
Ted and Tom, is Mary sister? - Yes, she is sister.
Robert and brother are here.
She hasn't got a book. So this book is not .
My friend Ann is very happy. Today is birthday.
We've got books in the bag. Have you got ?
They are doing homework and he is doing .
I have got a brother. Jim is brother and I am sister.
This is a wonderful doll. eyes are big and blue.
We are very late. classes begin at 8:30.
Haven't you got a lot of Japanese friends? Write names on the board.
My school is modern. rooms are large.