Complete with: my, your, his, her, its, our, their.

© Anna Öggl
1. This is my dog. bone is on the floor.

2. This is John's teacher. name is Mr Pearson.

3. This is Emma's teacher. name is Mrs Morris.

4. This is Tom and Samantha's house. house is very nice.

5. This is Luke's and my school. school is very nice.

6. This is Tom's Mum. car is over there.

7. This is Tom's Dad. bag is on the floor.

8. This is my sister. teacher is terrible

9. This is our cat. toy is in the kitchen.

10. This is my coat. Where are coats? (eure)

11. This is my scarf. Where is scarf? (dein)

12. Sandra: This is Jenny's apple. Where is apple, Jane?
Jane: apple is on my desk.