Reported speech

A typical day in the life of a Mum.

1. "Mum, have you ironed my trousers?"
2. "Can you make my sandwiches for me?"
3. "Are you and Dad going to give me more pocket money?"
4. "What time can you pick me up from Patrick's house?"
5. "Why haven't you washed my shirt?"
6. "When is lunch ready?"
7. "Do you know where my shoes are?"
8. "What are we having for tea?"
9. "Where did you put my tennis racket?"
10. "Do I have to go to bed early at the weekend?"

This is what she tells her husband when he comes home.
1. He asked (me) if I had ironed his trousers.

2. He wanted to know .

3. He wanted to know .

4. He asked (me) .

5. He wanted to know .

6. He wanted to know .

7. He asked (me) .

8. He wanted to know .

9. He asked (me) .

10. He wanted to know .