Reported speech

A typical day in the life of a teenager

1. "Have you tidied up your bedroom?"
2. "Why are your clothes lying all over the bedroom floor?"
3. "What is the dustbin for in your bedroom?"
4. "When are you going to do your homework?"
5. "What time are you coming home this evening?"
6. "What did you do at the disco last week?"
7. "Who did you meet at the disco?"
8. "Did you get a good mark in your English test?"
9. "When are you going to start revising for your French test?"
10. "Have you done your homework?"

In the evening her son goes to a friend's house and tells him all about his nagging (nörgelnden) mum!
1. She asked (me)

2. She wanted to know

3. She wanted to know

4. She asked (me)

5. She asked (me)

6. She wanted to know .

7. She asked (me)

8. She wanted to know

9. She asked(me)

10. She wanted to know